Monday, March 19, 2018

Wild animals

If I could own any wild animal, how about sparrows? I heard that Moto Fuyuki, a celebrity, protected a sparrow attacked by a crow and has be feeding it over six months, then he is warned by the authorities as a violation of wildlife protection law. His YouTube makes me know sparrows are very smart and friendly.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Marriage and romance

I wonder who came up with "romance" for marriage. I think marriage should be rather the efficient system for collaboration from the past time. We tend to demand "romance", then it could make mismatch in reality. Therefore, the opinions may be different depending on whether to ask "romance" or not.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Hokkaido custom

I shocked in a TV program right now that in Hokkaido they use droopy willow branches than usual cheerful bamboo for Tanabata festival tag, use dash writing wild wooden tags instead of aka elegant paper cards for Hakunin-isshu and use originally imported peanuts but traditional roasted soybeans for Setsubun festival.

Honey ant

There is an ant called honey ant. Its males save a lot of honey in their own swollen stomach and hang from the underground ceiling like a lantern. They become a kind of living reservoir. I want to tell about the idea of human rights and ask how they think about it.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Aliens and humanism

Even if aliens visited the Earth only for a day, it is not always possible that they understand the humanism like respect, fraternity and compassion we have best nurtured and achieved. It might be really peculiar to mankind. There are something they may see from us, but nothing we should show to them.

Sunset beauty

There is nothing better than the beauty at sunset in fine sky for me. The gradation from sky blue to orange beautifully matches as a background for black seductive trees, waving silhouette of mountains, and even black squared buildings in the city. The time it comes is slightly and precious.

The attractive about e-books

Although the attractive about e-books is its portability, I want to refer to four e-books at the same time or use a proper size device depending on the situation, so I always carry one PC, two tablets and a large smartphone. Their total weight is 3.5 kilograms. Very heavy.