Friday, July 7, 2017

Space travel

There is an impressed scene in "Blade Runner". The dying criminal cyborg told to Deckard about beautiful scenery such as bright colorful galaxies, the beautiful star of Orion while he has been transferring in the universe on his old missions. I hope to enjoy traveling through starts before my die.

AI Go master

Alpha Go just chose that strategy from it's statistical data. It doesn't have any unique intention. On the other hand, it shows that human tends not to be able to think out of the box. We can learn from this that we aren't free yet from our customs and tradition.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

J.K. Rowling apologized on Twitter?

I head J.K. Rowling apologized on Twitter for killing off one of the characters in the story and her fans argued that.
I'm not interested in "Harry Potter" at all. But I have an interest in the author, if it means that the tweet could come from her consideration with awareness of the danger to put an end to the argument that had happened started and might not be likely to end.

Credit cards amazing system

I think the convenience of credit cards in online shopping is really amazing. The transactions can be completed very fast just on my mobile phone thanks to them. Anyway, who imagined that the payment system to buy gasoline that originally began in the 1920's became one of modern technological foundations?

Sunday, June 4, 2017

My childhood wishes

Did any of my childhood wishes ever come true? This was not my wish but it comes true. When I was a child, I made and play with machine-ish cardboard control panel imitated spaceship cockpit or commander room on SF series. There were lots of switches and knobs on it. Now, I operate like them on the computer screen.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Hayao Miyazaki returns

I heard Hayao Miyazaki decided to withdraw his retirement. Anyway, Denis Villeneuve's "Alival" I watched last month is a really great movie, and I heard he is creating a new version of "Blade Runner" which was created at 1982 by Ridley Scott who I most admire. I respect Hayao Miyazaki, but I think generational change is necessary sooner or later.

Balance of work and personal life

I think I'd better be interested in various things and experience them because too focusing to one thing could make my mind narrower. So, an important thing for me is not to keep the balance of work and personal life, but to make opportunities to get various points of view.